Review on JollyWinter (Jolly Sven and Jolly Svenja)

MainFinally I get their name right this time. boys and girls, let me introduce Jolly Sven and Jolly Svenja. I believe the both name Sven and Svenja originated from German / Sweden, the meaning of it is “Young Worrier”. I wonder why NICI name them young worrier, ?!?.

When I saw Jolly Sven and Svenja, I thought they representing Russia.. Reason because, Jolly Sven is wearing Russian winter hat!! Russian winter hat always appear to be represent Russian culture. (at least for me it is :P)

This is Jolly Sven, the most handsome I can get from the market now.. (handsome isn’t he?) So far I found 35CM size offer better quality in term sewing job compare to other sizes.

Few tips to look out before you buy it.

  • The shape of the face, (handsome looks) 😀
  • The hat is not dropping off. The hat just sew on the head, so just be careful and make sure the sew job done properly.
  • So far the Russian hat quality is good, not much to complain about 🙂

  • Face proportion done correctly 😀

  • Hand line must sew properly as above photo

Some new tag I found in this new product, “Safety Tested” & “Designed in Germany”. That is really a cool tag, but their still missing 1 tag “Quality Checked” he he..

Now let me show you Jolly Svenja, lovely girl isn’t she? (This also the best among all in the shop I can find).

Best shot of the day!

Remember to watch out the face proportion, mouth line and both of the nose size 😛

Again, the hand line.

Conclusion, so far I am happy for what I get today even it is chose carefully by hand among all others. I am highly recommend to get this series, first reason is it is going to be Christmas soon 🙂 once a year, let add 2 Jolly Sven and Svenja into my Jolly Mah Family. Second reason is Jolly Svenja design is much better than Jolly Lovely, I still can’t find a nice Jolly Lovely in Malaysia.. (so sad to Jolly Bob, he have no partner now.. Don’t worry Bob, soon you will find the true love..)

Cuddly Kingdom Sales Page – Click Here


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Bea says:

    I also thought they were from Russia by name, the hat … Well they look very nice, in my opinion, to have good quality must be from 35 cm. Svenja looks very nice, I love it!

    1. SSaturn says:

      You too agree on 35cm offer better quality right? 🙂

      So far this is the best pair of them I manage to get.. Anyone mind to share their’s too?

      1. Hugo says:

        Just took pictures of my Jolly Svenja plush. Sharing the NICI love! 😀

  2. Bea says:

    These are acceptable and are OK, but others in the previous post seemed to have lower quality.

  3. SSaturn says:

    Hugo: Nice Blog you have 😀 Welcome to NICI World..

  4. Miguel says:

    wow…you are a true fans of nici… your blog. You inspired me to collect all the nici stuff.

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