NICI Plush Quality Getting Bad :(

Last week, I receive an e-mail from a passionate NICI collector. He brings me some bad news about quality of NICI products.. He also attach some of the photos to me,  showing me how bad is it. Let look thru some of the photos first..

Hetch Hogan

This is new plush from NICI, the hedgehog character .

As we can see the head of the hedgehog is not properly sew, turn out it broken exposing the cotton. Do check this before you purchase it.

Face is not properly align, let compare with the official online website photo.

As you can see, there is lots of different here

Jolly Winter

From above two photo, I notice few thing have change, since the old Jolly Mah..

  • Quality of the body material looks like nylon base, usually you will see this kind of material from China made plush.
  • Mouth sew line again, out of shape
  • I notice uneven nose size.
  • Face potion material similar to second batch Jolly Mah (brown Sheep)
  • Flat face? Watch out!
  • The eye not properly attach
  • The face out of shape again, I think the worker put too much force on it.. (I notice it have a long face like my non-genuine Jolly Mah)

  • Em… Jolly Sheep toe not even, sew job is bad.

  • How many time I mention about Mouth Line? This is not properly sew, how can the QC allow this to happen?
  • Body material looks like low graded nylon. (or is it due to flash light?)

“Oh yes, you are in deep trouble now”

I welcome all the NICI Collectors voice out what you all feel about NICI plush quality this days? I hope my blog can send a message to to improve their product’s quality.

Honestly, even NICI is improving in the sense of their range of products. There is lots of plush variety, but the quality of the product slightly went down.. this is not a good sign for world class plush manufacture.


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  1. Princess says:

    Hi John..

    I bought a lovely bear from Shanghai Pudong Airport recently and it was not proper sew too …

    Totally agreed with what you post up there. Well done, President =)

  2. Crystal says:

    Are you sure these are genuine? They don’t appear to be same products from NICi. Colour is different, especially Jolly Sven

    Last time when I was in China, I saw a lot of fake Nici toys were sold in shops (of course not NICI outlets). should only buy from Nici outlets or authorised online resellers.

    1. SSaturn says:

      I am suspecting they mix up Genuine and non-Genuine NICI product and selling it.. From the photo, I can say this is not NICI authorize Outlet.. They selling Hello Kitty.. lol

      1. Nils Bonenberger says:

        Photos were taken at a gift shop. these products are genuine NICI. It’s confirmed. Rest of the photos are from a big store chain in germany. It’s very unlikely that Non-genuine stuff is sold there. Nearly impossible in germany…

        Sorry but these photos are real and genuine Jolly Mäh.

  3. SSaturn says:

    So it means that I am lucky to get a nearly prefect Jolly Winter? 🙂

  4. WJ says:

    I heartfully agree that Nici’s quality is getting bad, especially the new Jolly Winter series. I had to pick through 6 Svenjas from Cards n Such to get a normal looking one with the shop assistant staring at me with killer intent. Good thing they have so many 25cm ones. The rest of the sizes only have one each and they all suffer from the same flat-long-face, even the 80cm ones which I’m quite surprised. The svenja I bought was the only one with short-chubby-face like the older Jolly Mahs. I never managed to get Lovely and Bob because I haven’t come across a good looking one. Well, the search continues..will hunt down a nice Sven first, my Svenja is feeling lonely..

    1. SSaturn says:

      Your Svenja is feeling lonely, but my Jolly Bob is feeling lonely as well :D. Let’s bring them together.

      1. Crystal says:

        hey, take a look this one.

  5. WJ says:

    Yes let’s bring them together 😀
    Your Jolly Bob is very nice looking, you are lucky to find such a good one!

  6. SSaturn says:

    Crystal : Welcome to 🙂 Love your header design.. hehe

  7. Mushymeng says:

    Recently i bought a NICI winter bear with hoodie key ring from a shop in the airport. I just started to collect and do not know whether it is original since the face is a little distorted.May I know how I can post the pictures to you to have a look as you are an avid collector of NICI?

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