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  1. ichtys says:

    Hi… thank you for sharing! Actually i’m looking for Nici Farm Friends-Farm Cow product. I almost complete searching in KL here. But the result very disappointed. So do you have any comment for me? Anyway, thank you!

    1. SSaturn says:


      There is some NICI Farm Friends products around in the market, but Farm Cow is hard to find this day, there is farm pig around 🙂 May be you can try eBay?

      1. ichtys says:

        Hi… Thank You for reply. Actually I already have Farm Cow. But Nowadays i looking for Farm Cow others product like Wallet. I Love Farm Cow very much. hahaha… thanks for suggestion. So do you have sell Farm Pig Wallet? Thank You So Much!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi! Is your Nici Jolly Cafe opened? Where are you located at? By the way I’m from Singapore.

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