Jolly Sven and Svenja Genting Trip by MyMazda Club

On 4th December, Jolly Sven and Svenja joins the Genting trip convey organize by MyMazda Club. Let me share of them photo with you all 🙂

Both of them sitting at the backseat enjoy the ride.

Jolly Sven ordered his McDonald Quater Punder as lunch, (which doesn’t look like what the menu shown.. haha). After our McDonald, we head over to Petronas Burger King (which Before Karak Toll toward Genting) to wait for the rest of the Mazda Club members.

Total we have 7 cars joining the convey, 6 whites and 1 red :). Honestly, I am happy with my Velocity Red Mica Mazda 3, it really out standing among all the whites.

We start our journey at 2:00pm in the afternoon, and cruise along the highway to Genting Highland..

We stop around Gohtong Jaya (which locate at the half hill side) to have some photo shooting..

Jolly Sven is on the hood 🙂

I love this shoot, wonder why 🙂

After the photo shooting, we went to Strawberry Farm located Gohtong Jaya. We manage to park our car at the parking lots just opposite of the Strawberry Farm.

It is not that hard to locate this strawberry farm, they have banner and direction every where on the road.

Fresh Strawberry!!

There will be no entry fees, but you need to go to the cashier counter and ask a small plastic basket (with a scissor) to get into strawberry farm. The worker told us, 1 basket entitle for 3 people get into the strawberry farm in the same time. You can harvest the strawberry, and later pay at the cashier counter. (Cost of the strawberry, 100g = RM 6.00, and minimum must be 100g)

Jolly Sven: “Can I harvest this?”

Me: “Which one?”

Jolly Sven: “This one!”

Me: “Sure why not? It looks fresh and sweet.”

Photo of me and Jolly Sven.

In the end we manage to harvest around 200g of strawberry and share among all the members.

Jolly Sven : “Om Nom Nom…”.

This is our group photo for this Genting trip..

After the strawberry farm, we continue our journey toward Genting City of Entertainment. Before we manage to reach Genting, we stop by road side parking and snap some more photos..

Both of them came out from the car and enjoy the fresh air of the highland…

After that we suggest to park our cars at the open area to get a better shoot..

Camera Man: “All the driver step out the door”.. “Smile!” *Snap*

🙂 I wish to have this kind of trip again, it is fun to drive up to Genting. It is also the best time to test out your driving skills, and how reliable is your car..

So far I am satisfy with my Mazda 3 handling and suspension, the only not satisfy part is.. we need more horse power :).. I wish I can own a Mazda 3 MPS now..


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Wow, your Jollys had a very nice and yummy day!! I love strawberries 🙂
    P.S: Don’t forget to use seat belts for your sheeps 😉

    1. SSaturn says:

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      ow, sorry Jolly, haven’t been using backseat seat belt for ages.. lol next time will use it..

  2. Bea says:

    That cute, they enjoyed the trip. I love the photos, all are beautiful ^_^

  3. Hugo says:

    Your red Mazda is the most outstanding one, I prefer it over the white. Great buy!

    But I see the balance of love shifting more towards Sven as he gets more pictures. Svenja must be feeling unjust haha

  4. alvin says:

    any good tips on bathing your jolly mah? i’ve got a black sitting 50CM and he hasn’t bathed since I got him. Dry cleaners won’t accept him 😦

    1. SSaturn says:

      Good Idea for me.. I am just going to bath my Jolly Mah when I back to KL 🙂 Will snap few photo and see hows it should work 🙂

  5. hugowolf says:

    Can’t wait for your post on bathing the plushies. So far I have never successfully bathed them without spoiling their fluffy fur, end up my poor Jolly Mah looks so thin. It would be so wonderful if you post a tutorial on how to bath them correctly.

    Hugo @ NICI-Mania

  6. BFox says:

    Hey, it’s look great! ) You have a happy day! Nice Photo!

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