Singapore NICI Hunt Trip

17 June 2011, it is time to travel to Singapore to hunt for NICI Products. I packed Bishop in my backpack, few days clothing and some SGD cash.. In the mean time I also joining the convoy event organized by Mazda Club Malaysia Singapore Shopping Spree, we convoy from KL to Johor (Stay at Johor…

Another Jolly Girl?

Few day ago, I drop by another blog ( and found out NICI is going to come out with another Jolly Girl design.. Is like Jolly Elsa design with additional accessory on it 🙂 (pink sock). Let’s just wait for announce their new products in future..

NICI Jolly Mah 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary to NICI Jolly Mah from Meh Meh.. p/s: I didn’t manage to get my 25th Anniversary Jolly Mah yet, and today I realize my NICI collection manage to occupied the whole queen size bed… *Update From ->[tt_news]=192&tx_ttnews[backPid]=48&cHash=6f20601ecc

NICI Bubble

NICI Bubbles is coming to Malaysia 🙂 It looks like Chuzzle to me. I am not really sure is it the same thing.. I feel really look in to Asia market, by selling a product which we will carry it out everyday. Another point I like to point out is the price of NICI…