Castrol Edge Engine Oil Review

One day, I woke up in the morning and suddenly the feel of lucky suddenly rush into me. I start up my PC and open up my mail box, then “Wuala!” I received an invitation to join the Castrol Edge Performance Drive. In the letter, it say in-order to join this event I required to get my engine lubricant change to Castrol Edge 5W-40 (it also call as Castrol Edge Titanium). At the last line of the letter, it also mention that day date is the last day to do the engine oil change, else I won’t be able to join the Performance Drive. Without any further due, I quickly rush to designated authorize workshop to do the engine oil change and Ralf the rabbit is come along with me. 🙂

Ralf the rabbit get a free Castrol Edge engine lubricant change at one of the Castrol authorize service center located at Subang Jaya.

*Updates: This is the new Castrol Edge Titanium Packaging

It took about an hour to have your car engine lubricant and oil filter changed. For the end of that day, I am ready to join the Castrol Edge Performance Drive on 12 November 2011.

Engine Noise

What we have in above is the dB graph, for the Mazda 3 2.0 with Castrol Edge 5w-40 Titanium lubricant. You will get 48dB when we sit inside the car without starting your engine. You will get 66dB after starting your car engine and in idle mode. And when you start driving you will get 73 dB on the road.

Notes: (reference for dB level)
50dB – Quiet Office, Quiet Street
60dB – Normal Conversation at 3 feet
70dB – Busy Traffic
80dB – Busy Street, Alarm clock 

For what I can feel instantly for the different between Castrol Edge Titanium engine oil compare with other engine oil are firstly the engine much quite than before in idle mode, secondly I can feel the engine pumping smoother, and lastly I can feel higher torque from the engine (Zoom-Zoom).

I am showing another dB Graph result from I driving back to from KL back to Kelantan. I am using the North South Highway towards Ipoh, then drive toward Cameron direction. Normal on road driving is between 66dB and 70dB, if we start climbing mountain road it mostly will be above 70dB and below 78dB.

For the two graphs above I am very happy with the performance and quietness of the engine that used Castrol EDGE 5w-40 Titanium.

Castrol EDGE Performance Drive Day

On 12 November 2011 morning, Mr Harvinder gave a short briefing about Performance Drive event and convoy safety. First thing I learn from this event is, they are well organized and on-time. They also make sure the safety of participants well taking care off.

Nissan Teana v6 2.5 spec will be our lead car :). There will be total 10 cars joining this Performance Drive, they include 1 Mitsubishi Lancer, 3 Nissan Cars (1 Sentra, 1 Altima and 1 v6 Cefiro), 2 Proton Saga, 2 Proton Savvy, 1 Toyota Alphard (don’t ask me why, I also no idea) and lastly Mazda 3 :).

Another few things I learn from this Convoy.

1. Car numbering sticker – easy to identify the sequence of  car arrangement
2. Car door panel sticker –  publicity and easy to identify participants
3. Walkie-talkie – for the ease of the communication.

We start our convoy on time depart from Shah Alam Sultan Adbul Aziz Shah Golf Club toward Bangi -> Hulu Langat -> Ampang -> Shah Alam Melawati Stadium.

That day is rainy day, we encountered 2 Proton Saga slightly skidded when come to down hill. Luckily no one is injured thanks to the professional driver :).

We taking a short break at Hulu Langat and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

After Hulu Langat we heading toward Ampang to have our lunch at Tamarind Springs Restaurant.

After the satisfying lunch, we heading back to Shah Alam Melawati Stadium for the closing of this Performance Drive event.

Fuel Economy

I have done 5 full fuel tanks of test driving, and carefully observe the fuel economy after engine oil change. Below is the result I recorded:

Type 1: Long Distance Driving (KL -> Ipoh -> Cameron -> Kelantan) 
Fuel Tank: 55.5L RON 95
Distance Archive: 650KM

Type 2: Convoy Style (Shah Alam Golf Club -> Bangi -> Ulu Langat -> Ampang -> Shah Alam Stadium)
Fuel Tank: 55.5L RON 95
Distance Archive: 450KM

Type 3: Heavy Right Footed (Speed! Zoom-Zoom)
Fuel Tank: 55.5L RON 95
Distance Archive: 380KM

Type 4: Home Town Style Driving (Which after I back to Kelantan, all people here drive like 40-60km/h on the road)
Fuel Tank: 55.5L RON 95
Distance Archive: 430KM+

Type 5: Daily Use (Puchong -> Damansara, Puchong ->Wangsa Melawati)
Fuel Tank: 55.5L RON 95
Distance Archive: 450KM

I feel the Castrol Edge 5w-40 Engine Oil giving us an obvious endurance performance in long distance driving. From the statistic above, I feel Castrol Edge 5w-40 giving us more fuel economy in performing driving (by comparing Type 3: Heavy Right Footed vs Type 5: Daily Use vs Type 2: Convoy Style)

Notes: Car that been tested on – Mazda 3 2010 2.0 (with K&N Filter) 

Conclusion and Special Tips

Base on my personal experiences and experiments, I like to share few useful tips for you all.

1. Please do rev your engine after the engine oil change, or go for a mountain ride. You need your new engine oil start flowing around you engine piston, and so your engine piston will adapt the new engine oil instead of old engine oil.

2. Please do not put any extra addictive pill or liquid into the gasoline. It might generate extra carbon in the engine oil causing you need to change your engine oil frequently or earlier.

3. To ensure your engine performance in good condition, the best you change your car engine oil for every 5,000-6,000km instead of 10,000km once. The longer you wait, the more carbon residue will be in your engine. Every time when you put in new engine oil you actually mixing the some left over engine oil with carbon residue together with new engine oil. So imagine this would you like to have a high concentrated carbon residue oil engine oil mix with your new engine oil and after mixing turn out to be so call not so cleaned engine oil?

4. Please check and make sure you are purchasing Genuine Parts (Oil Filter) and Genuine Engine Oil from authorize workshops.

Lastly, please drive safely and be responsible on the road 🙂


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  1. Craig says:

    Very nice write-up. I’ll be putting Castrol Edge w/Titanium 5w30 in my 2010 Nissan Murano (3.5L V6) in a few weeks for my second oil change. If I ever visit Malaysia I’m heading to Ampang and Tamarind Springs. That menu looks delicious.

    1. SSaturn says:

      Hi 🙂 Thanks for the comment. The menu do looks delicious, sadly the food photos is in my another camera. Didn’t manage to transfer them out yet. I will update some food photos in future 🙂

  2. Motorolie says:

    Very nice – really interesting reading. Thanks for this.

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  8. Jide AKinola says:

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