The Cup Day (Mug Day)

I am so sorry that I didn’t manage to update my blog lately, because I was too busy playing with my new iPhone :D.. Is there any iPhone App that allows me to update my blog?

As a NICI collectors, we don’t just collect plush (soft toy). We also collect cups :), yes the cup we use to drink.. Sometimes, we have problem deciding what we should buy as a gift, or we don’t know what our friends (or partner) wants. So now I found a solution 🙂

As you can see, a cup without words (or greetings) means nothing to a person.. but lets say, a cup with a nice picture design and greetings such as “Good Luck”, “Happy Day”, “Have a Nice Day”, “Best Friends Forever”… and so on.. will bring up some mood or it will remind you of someone special.. (who gave you the gift).
So next time when the question “What Should I Buy For My Boy Friend / Girl Friend” pops out, think of a cup :). I believe a cup won’t cost more than RM 50 (USD 15) right? So I think, we don’t need to buy expensive gift, we save the money for better plans (like fine dining? special relaxing vacation? or … Marriage Fund?).. Lets move on to my NICI Cups Collections..

“Sweet Break” Cup,

I didn’t even know there is Green Jolly Mah before, as I know there is Baby Blue, Baby Pink, and Black face sheep.
“Happy Dancing” Cup

I love that there are so many Jolly on the cup… dancing, running, resting..
“Lovely Break” Cup

Ok, this time.. blue sheep with white sheep :3

“Desert Tour” Cup

This is one of the beautiful designed cup from Wild Animal Series, but there is one problem with this cup. The thickness of the cup is kind of thin, I am so worry that I will break it any time 😦
“Yummy” Cup

Yummy.. My Breakfast Cup, imagine filling it with Hot Chocolate. Yummm! It really help boost up my mood to start a brand new day 😀
“Jolly Wolf” Cup

Ah.. this is one of my Special Birthday Gifts from my old friend, she surprised me with this gift. funny thing is.. the first time we used it, it was filled with green tea.. (Special Thanks to Yvonne Kon)
“Friends Forever” Cup
* I love how they use the bra as their … what do we call that? -_-“..
Ok, now this is new in NICI 1U. I think there is no need for further explanation for these gift cups right?
“Best Mum” Cup

Mothers’ day is coming soon (9th May 2010), so here is a tip for anyone who don’t know what to get for your mom this year.. 🙂
“Only You” Cup

I think this will be couple cup.. 🙂
“Good Luck” Cup
Finally 🙂 Good Luck cup.. Specially for people who are still studying, in examination period, or any thing that needs extra luck! (I didn’t know Jolly Love Mushroom too)
For International NICI Collectors, you can refer here NICI CuddlyKingdom Fancy Mug. They have a full range of Cup and Mug for sales.
As for Asian Collectors, I don’t mind helping you to buy it and posting it over..

Oh ya, another thing.. Wish you all “A Nice and Happy Day” 😀

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Wow, you have a gorgeous collection!!!Kisses

  2. monsterloi says:

    ya, never see a green jolly mah before. It will be sweet to have 1~ hope they release other color jolly mah in the future, like green, or maybe purple??

  3. jollysheep says:

    haha i doubt there's any app for iphone for blogspot but there's wordpress and tumblr.nice collection of cups you've got there! 🙂

  4. Maybe they’ll come with a green Jolly some day, as they produced blue and pink as well. You’ve got yourself a nice collection of mugs there! I can only imagine the looks on people’s faces when they come for a cup of coffee at your place haha. Or are guests not allowed to use the mugs?

    1. SSaturn says:

      Hahaha… it only make me think of Saint Patrick day..

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