Hibikii using non-Genuine NICI for Road Show

18 April 2010, I went to PIKOM PC Fair 2010 (the last day of the fair). I am actually looking forward for some best offer or deal of new laptop for my mom (Initially plan to get her iPad, but sadly it is not available in Malaysia yet) and sadly the fair turn my hope down :(.

PC-Fair nowadays are no longer selling their goods at the lower price compare to outside market. What they do this time are selling the laptop same price as market price (or RM 100 less) and they will bundle with lots of free gift (which is useless!, cheap and low quality mouse, headset, and notebook cleaner -_-“) which I wont fall for that…

What actually caught my attention is this, one of the newly setup company call Hibikii using None-Genuine NICI Plush to do their road show. You can check the photo below.

Spotted the NICI Tutle? It is a pencil box

See the fat Lion?

How about this? Rainbow Alfo Tiger 😀

Alfo Tiger!

p/s: Uhhh… I am waiting for my parcel from Germany…. a good surprise for me and you all 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. monsterloi says:

    your parcel take so long time geh?? We wait for urs since month ago.

  2. Roslyn Kong says:

    Non-genuine NICI? Umm.. they're not afraid of law suit????? Nowadays can't trust them like how we usually did last time.

  3. SSaturn says:

    monsterloi: ya, they send it thru land.. that why I have to wait :)Roslyn: well, those ppl don't give a damn about it. As long as profitable to them, they will take it for granted.

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