Jolly Jomo Says "Anyone Can be a Good Cook"

Jolly Jomo: “Anyone can be a good cook… :)”

So this 2 weeks, I am so busy with my new Cinema Projects and don’t really have enough time to go out for dinner. So I make my some simple dish.. (Well I think, cooking myself waste more time as well..)

I found this marinade source quite useful, the mustard and honey bring up the taste of the meat, and the herbs giving additional helps too..

The way of preparing the meat are very simple, you just need to mix the marinade source with the meat (You must get fresh juicy meat, no matter beef or mutton). Marinade it for at least an hours, let the sweet taste get into the meat then you are ready to BBQ it.

Above is the end result :D, looks tasty right? haha..

I also grill some wild mushroom. (I use salt and black paper to marinade it)

Another close shot of the beef steak.

Above one is.. just a simple salad (red and green lettuce, sweet corn, cherry tomato (baby tomato), eggs, cheese, and French salad source)

company with bacon with cheese~… (well this one not that nice to eat due to.. the bacon is too hard to chew)..

Ok over here is Pizza section 🙂
Our food tester 😀

Cheeesee! Specially for cheese lover 🙂

Well this one .. the cheese are nicely baked 🙂 just that the bread is badly toasted..


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jollysheep says:

    wow, the beef looks appetising, did you blanch the vege? how much time did u spend making them?

  2. SSaturn says:

    Sure I blanch the vege after putting them into the boiling hot water :). But I feel like I slightly over cook the French Bean, preparation took 10 minutes.. Cooking took 20 minutes.

  3. Raquel says:

    It looks absolutely delicious!!!I'm going to show this to my husband, 'cause he only knows to prepare frozen food :((I like cooking a lot tooKisses

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