NICI 20th Anniversary – Duck – Part III

Today, let meet the 20th Anniversary NICI Duck, her name is Paula. Finally I reach part 3 now..

This is the box of 25cm Duck Paula, black and stylish in design. The color combination are just perfect for her personality, (Black, Gold, and style :D)
At the back of the box, this is what you will see… a walking away Paula~.
20th Anniversary Golden Ribbon
Here we see a cute Paula, it looks like a new born baby duck 🙂 cute and innocent.
A closer looks (em… it look like a Mad Scientist to me now)

(ohh.. I get it now.. It looks like Albert Einstein!!!)

Birth Certificate of Paula… Come take a closer look..

This is a very important to all NICI fan out there, for original NICI product you actually can find some original products signatures. For example this 20th anniversary collection, you must have …

1. Golden Tag, with special Golden Crown.
2. A NICI cotton logo marked at the bottom of the leg. (same of them is in plastic logo)
3. 20th Anniversary Certificate (I found out the non-genuine version, they don’t have the Certificate Tag)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Hehehehe…. She is Einstein's cousin!!! She is a cool duck, no doubt of it ;)By the way, the dialogue of Bob and his injection was so funny XDDKisses

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