Fake Minily Detected!!

Today I found out that SnJ Gift Shop is selling Fake Minily. Sorry for the poor quality photo, I am using my phone camera to take the photo… (The shop not allow any camera to be entered 😦 ).
They rebrand it to.. “Gambatte“, but from the photo you can tell it is the Croc from NICI Minily..

NICI Farm Friend (Cow) and NICI Classic Turtle also sold here. Now you notice their Tag has been rebranded to “Gambatte“, I think this is how they run away from getting sue by NICI.

Polar Bear at the left corner!

I don’t understand how can this happen? Why there are such kind of fake product flood into the market? Why? Anyone can answer me?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    I think that fakes means that the original product has a lot of demand because of it goodness… but I hate fakes!I have never seen fakes in Spain, but a lot of them in Ebay.Kisses

  2. monster says:

    I bought 2 minily sheep and 1 tortoise in The Garden's Hallmark. luckily is real one

  3. SSaturn says:

    Hallmark sometime not really sell genuine NICI Product, I just captured a video on hallmark selling fake Wild Animal Coin Box.. Will release it soon.

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