NICI 20th Anniversary – Eagle – Part IV

I am going to show you, the last part of NICI 20th Anniversary. We present to you, the baby eagle :). His name is Eagle Sam.. (em.. It make me think of uncle Sam… )

The design of it, looks very similar to the Duck.. so don’t get them both confuse 🙂

The back of the box.
The ribbon is in Black Background and Gold Wording.. looks cool right?
Ho.. It looks fierce to me by comparing the box picture and current one. (Another Mad Scientist.. this look more evil this time. )

Eagle Sam Birth Certificate..

Take note on this… Trademark of NICI 20th Anniversary. You must have golden tag and golden logo plastic (cotton) stamp at the bottom of the leg.

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  1. Raquel says:

    Another Einstein's cousin!!!I like it very much, congratulations!! :))Kisses

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