NICI 20th Anniversary – Frog – Part II

Today we shall continue our unfinished topic, NICI 20th Anniversary. At this part 2, I am going to pick Mr Frog (Otto), let him introduce himself..

This is the complete series of NICI 20th Anniversary box-set overview (25cm come with Box and nice ribbon tide at the box.)

Front view of the box, very fine scratch art of Mr. Frog (Otto). It is cute and with an unique pattern design.

The back of the box stamped with golden frog :), it is a very fine box design specially for NICI Collectors, you won’t be regret after you getting one of it.

Here is the Unique Ribbon design from 20th Anniversary for Mr. Frog (Otto).

Mr Frog (Otto) is holding his birth certificate, you can read the rest of the bio detail of Mr. Frog below. The only thing miss out here is Unique Serial No to identify on each of the birth certificate, then each of them will be unique for all the NICI collectors around the world :).

This time I get to have plastic NICI logo at the bottom of the leg. The cotton type NICI logo I think is for first early batch version, and this plastic NICI Logo is for the continues batch version

Oh ya, don’t forget about Special Golden Tag. That is the signature of NICI 20th Anniversary Tag.

One more thing specially with Mr. Frog, 🙂 he got the longest leg compare to all 3 of other 20th Anniversary friends… hehe.

Cuddly Kingdom – Classic NICI

p/s: emm.. Why I feel Mr. Frog looks like University Professor now? Or even a Lawyer looks?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Hehehe, Otto is super-cute!Maybe he could be a librarian too, or an orchestra director ;)Kisses

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