Raquel Completed Wild Animal Collection, and Cuddly Kingdom Wow…

Congratulation to Raquel. She completed the NICI Wild Animal Collection :D. She sent me an e-mail on 7 July 09, it already almost a month and I just post it up. Ow.. I am sorry Raquel, hope you don’t mind about it 🙂

Today I check my old mail box (Hotmail) I found out that Richard from Cuddly Kingdom sent me an e-mail as well, I am so surprise, happy and honor :D. We are discussing about how to promote our website (Cuddly Kingdom and Blogs), when thing start to get mature all the Royal NICI fans will get discount from buying NICI product on Cuddly Kingdom :D. That is a very good news to all of us.. Thanks Richard in advance 😀

Ah.. I am sorry for the watermark, I am using some shareware photo resizer didn’t actually configure nicely before do the resize. 😦

Jolly Mah not counted as Wild Animal.. lol.. Sheep not counted rite? Oh ya, it remind me that we also have a farm series in NICI.. It is kind of classic one, I remember got a piggy, and a Edward the horse.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hello 😀 Always happy to check your blog and see a new post ^^Wow, such nice collections! I want to show you pictures of my new Nici friends 🙂 I spot a zebra hiding in Raquel's collection, and i also have a zebra :DI dont collect a series, I only have 3 and they're not from the same collection 😦 but i still like them very much :pSo please meet Zeebs and Edward horse senior and Edward horse junior 😀 Hope you like them :)http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z213/japho1/edandzeebs2.jpghttp://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z213/japho1/edandzeebs.jpgThey look a bit orange, I took picture without flash because i think they look better with no flash :pNext I will buy the new release Rob Raccoon! Have you seen him? I think he's so cute ^^

  2. Raquel says:

    Wow, thank you very much for posting my photos :))By the way, Nici has just released two new Wild Friends: The Giraffa and The Gorilla, so I can't wait for them :)) I will have to wait until I come back from my holidays (I will go out this Saturday).See de linKhttp://www.nici.de/index.php?id=2232I also buy my Nici's at Cuddly Kingdom, and at All Things Gifts. The mailing is very cheap (contrary to Nici oficial shop).Kisses and have a nice time!Raquel

  3. Richard says:

    Great collection Raquel! At first I thought the Crocodile was missing, but he is well camouflaged in the centre.The farm series was known as Nici Landlords (not sure why)and is really hard to find. If you ever come accross any these soft toys I'd buy them quickly because they're bound to be worth something one day.I'm trying to get Vanessa the owner of Cuddly Kingdom to take some photos of her private collection, which began way before she started the store.

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