Jenny Collection – Horses

Thanks for Jenny comment :), now I am going to share her collection. I realize that she only collect horse series.. ha~, but it is true that the horses design in NICI are really nice. She miss out the Ferrari Horse from (NICI Sport) and Magic Forest (2 horses blue and pinky :D)

NICI Sport

Magic Forest

Today, 5:00 PM I just touch down from the plane depart from KL (Kuala Lumpur) to KB (Kota Bharu) my hometown. When I turn on my phone, I saw i received 3 missed call.. It is from NICI OneUtama Outlet, wow.. I am so surprise that they told me the NICI Jolly Mah Liselle just arrived at store :D. Ow. I quickly ask the shopkeep to help reserve 2 x 35 cm (purple and red one) and few mug :).

So if anyone like to collect the latest Jolly Mah can now go to OneUtama and purchase it

Jolly Mah Liselle
Jenny Collections 😀


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  1. Raquel says:

    Congratulations!! Jolly Liselle is really cute, is sooooo lovely :)))I'm sure she will go with you in your travels :)Kisses a lot

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi, thanks for posting my collection up!! 😀 Yes, i do like horses a lot, cute head and feet and hair and tail haha :PWelcome home hehe ^^ Glad you're going to bring more Nici friends home 😛 I also can't wait to buy more! I wish we had Nici stores in Australia, instead I have to search for them in gift shops and newsagency 😦 But I've seen Liselle, so cute hat and shoes :):)One day I will go to OneUtama and go crazy shopping 😛

  3. Aan says:

    Hi Jenny,I saw your Edward Horse collections…really good job on having it!! 😉 I've been looking around recently and had no luck. I wonder if u got it in Australia (?)I'll really appreciate it If u dont mind telling me which store u went to get ur hands on those lovely horses =}Oh, and plz answer me at ""PS: whats the size of the horses on the pics again?Thanx so so much,Anthony

  4. Apple says:

    i saw nici softtoy at crown casino in Melbourne. Nici is publishing new jolly mah again, it is jolly mah minily, please check them out from their website,

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