Jolly Mah Works at Concert Amy Search 2009

Today 1st August 2009, there is a Concert Amy Search at Bukit Kiara.. I been call up for stand-by (System Technical), I bring this 2 fellow Jolly Wolf and Jolly Mah along with me. For the whole day, they watching me doing work.. 😮

They really watching me… (Specially the Wolf)

Well this is my counter, “Special Case Counter”. I wonder how my friend Nizam come out with this kind of naming for this counter.. -_-“
If there is any ticket redemption can’t be done in the normal way (they can’t find the reference number or can’t find in their system) then here will be counter. What I do just to trace customer transaction, just to make sure they ticket paid then issue tickets for them

Time now is 10:45pm, ahh.. how long more I need to wait to go back 😦 I think Jolly Mah can’t stand it no more.

Hang himself on top of the notebook LCD…. x_x

ha… Finally.. 11:10pm, I get confirmation that I can go back first.. hurray~

This is how I going back with my Jolly Mah.. Say Bye bye 😀
p/s: Well, someone did ask me a very weird question… Says: “You hear the sheep talking to you?”, “The sheep talks to you?”, “As grown up man, you carry this sheep around?”….etc
Well what I can say is… they don’t talk to me, they company me, at least when I look at them I won’t feel frustrated when I stress out on works.. The last question, well I do feel shy over it.. well what the hell? I just do what I feel like now, I am going to bring him tour around and be more adventurous. :3

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  1. Raquel says:

    Nice keyrings John :)And for those people to tell you those things, I have to say that I'm a 34 years old married woman, I'm a Physician doctor, and I love to carry my Jolly Mah's with us, I'm not shy about it, this is a nice hobby and it doesn't harm anyone. My friends are starting to collect Nici's too because of my love of them.Don't be shy about your hobby, because it is really beautiful :))Next saturday I'm going on holidays, to Portugal, so I will try to post photos when I come back :))Kisses

  2. OMG.. cute meh meh online!!!! Im starting to adopt a pluffy pet from now on! what it will be.. ermmmm a cow? cannot.. mad cow disease.. piggie? nooo H1N1.. Ulat bulu lah. yea. Ulat Bulu.

  3. JRM says:

    Hi! Saw your blog link on the Nici fan page on Facebook. I'm a big fan of the Jolly Mah sheeps. I have one and give some to family and friends. I think this will be an ongoing thing as long as I have the budget for it!Like you, I also carry along my Jolly Mah sheep wherever I go…to the supermarket, church, department store, and to other countries while on vacation. I know what some people are thinking (I'm 39). But you're right. What the heck? It's my sheep, and I can do anything I want with it. My sheep's name is Nikki, by the way.

  4. SSaturn says:

    Ow. 😀 Nikki what a nice name.. Mine one all got funny name. such as Kopi-O (it refer to Coffee without cream), Teh (Tea with Cream), Soya (Soya Bean Milk), Pinky (the pink sheep)… etc~

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