Jolly Wolf vs Jolly Wolf Hugo

Lots of people are confuse between Jolly Wolf & Jolly Wolf Hugo. Eventually they both are 2 different character, Jolly Wolf is a Wolf who like to make friend with Jolly Mah (White Sheep), since all the sheep are scare of wolf, then the wolf so disappointed. Then he figure out an idea how to get close to the sheep, he go tailors himself a sheep suit wear it and make friend with Jolly Mah..
Jolly Wolf Hugo is Jolly Mah Rosa Partner :), well I don’t have much detail of it.
Let me show you some pictures about the diffrence between both of them below 🙂

Jolly Wolf & Jolly Wolf Hugo

As you can see,
1. Bottom of the foot texture are different
2. Jolly Wolf Hugo has a small pocket at right side of suit (only 1 pocket)
3. Inside the Hood are different texture 🙂
4. Jolly Wolf Hugu with some hair on top of this head, Jolly Wolf doesn’t has 1.
5. You may notice the NICI Tag design are different, on the left old design (before 2008), on the right new design (2009 onward).
6. You can tell the different from their face 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. leechon says:

    haha..the third position (third picture) make me think something "senget"..hehebtw…i have nanged urs..can help me nang as well??…~~

  2. SSaturn says:

    nanged bro :D. haha.. dun tink something "senget" la~

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi, cute jolly wolf ^^Do you know if some wolf are made without whiskers? I saw some a jolly wolf in an expensive gift shop, he had no whiskers! But yours has whiskers too!I also saw on ebay jolly wolf, no whiskers! Maybe no whiskers is old version?Anyway, I love your collection! I'm a new Nici collector, and in 2 weeks I will buy Edward Horse! I have seen one Large Edward in gift shop, around 50cm AU$55. Fingers crossed no one buys him! Now just to wait until exams over so I can go bring Edward home~~ I just wish in 2007 I knew about Edward so I could buy 80cm Edward from online store hehe! 😛

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