Finally get my lovely (small) mug

Yesterday (11 June) I went to One Utama there to check out is there any new NICI Product arrive in Malaysia. (Well also help Sho and avi to find out the thing they looking for)

Sadly, there are no news about Jolly Mah Liselle 😦

Sho: There is no Honey & Chocolate in NICI Malaysia, what I know about Honey & Chocolate Bear is belong to NICI Classic.

Avi: If you wish to get Angel & Evil (Genuine one) you need to go to Singapore and buy it. The one selling in Malaysia are non-Genuine.

Below is what I got for myself on that day 🙂 The price for this mug cost (RM 36.90). There is nothing special over this mug, the only thing attracted me to buy is the Jolly Mah cartoon drawn on the mug. Take a look below, hope you enjoy the art work of it.

Oh ya, I still can’t figure out who is the drawer for Jolly Mah. Anyone know about it? What I know is every each of the art work, there is always a “(c) Nici” that sign on it.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Wow!! Your mug is so adorable! I love the pictures, very nice :), and the art of them is really cute.

  2. Afiqah Azlee says:

    it's really lovely! i want one too!!!

  3. jollysheep says:

    Just curious, is your mug porcelain (fragile) or melamine (non-breakable)?

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