Waiting another sheep from eBay (Jolly Mah)

Jolly Wolf must come with whiskers no matter what. The one without whiskers are consider not genuine. I remember I saw super sized Jolly Wolf on eBay, and from some China website.

We Have to aware of none genuine NICI product from eBay, and others online-shops. If anyone need my help to identity the products, please do e-mail or post it in the comment. I will be happy to give a hand for NICI collectors 🙂

Anyway, last few day ago I just won the bid on eBay. I need to wait around 12 days to receive the item from post office :(. Total price I paid is RM 50.00 (USD 14.50, including postage), well I consider this is a cheap deal :D.

Below are some of the picture from seller.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the reply! :DI went back to the gift shop to check, the Jolly Wolf does have whiskers! My mistake. :xThe ebay Jolly Wolf is fake and they're selling it at the same price at the genuine Nici Jolly Wolf! So unfair for buyers. 😦 They were also selling 80cm Jolly Mah and from looking at your other blog post about fakes, the mouth stitching and material looks different, probably fake too…I didn't know there were so many Nici fakes around:( Your blog posts about fakes were very useful. ^^ Thank you again, hope your new Jolly Mah arrives at the post office fast 😀

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