Fake NICI Product Part III

Here I am showing you how to recognize Non-Genuine NICI Product 🙂

FAKE! Reason: 
  1. Weird pinky color, never see a pink jolly mah like tat before.
  2. They using bad quality of meterial.

Look at below picture carefully, you will see some wild animal stationary box, wild animal tissue box and a Jolly Wolf bolster (looks real, but material still not reach the standard)

This is very close to Original Monkey Love Series, but they miss out the magnet in their hand. 😀 Another thing is.. the monkey nose are wrong, it not suppose to be that big

Another weird Pinky Jolly Mah below 🙂 company with alot wild animal

Ok, this one easy to recognize. 
  1. The NICI Barcode Price Tag are gone, replaced by their own price tag
  2. Face and hand design are weird in shape
  3. Material quality is bad

How cute is that, they putting Jolly Mah Rosa and Jolly Mah Brown sheep together. Anyway how, it still fake one. 
  1. Nose and mouth lone are bad
  2. Eye are out of the position
  3. Material still bad.

Ok, this is the sample where you can find fake Jolly Mah around. He always hide with all his gang there.. you can see, weird purple pink Candy Love, and some more..

Well my girl friend says I am spending too much on NICI product, :).. well what to do, I just love them too. 

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  1. Raquel says:

    I spend a lot of time with my Nici's too. But I think it's beautiful to have a hobby like this.Congratulations, nice post!

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