Special For bookiebear: Jolly Mah Grey

I went to One Utama this evening and check out the Grey sheep for bookiebear. This is what I found out 🙂 50cm Jolly Mah.. Grey in colours.

Don’t worry tomorrow we going to take a look on the super big mug 😀

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  1. Raquel says:

    That’s why Jolly Mah is my favourite Nici character; and I think that is the most successful character that Nici makes. It’s soooo adorable!!Kisses 🙂

  2. banu says:

    Our daughter Mira – aged almost 2 – adores Jolly Mah Grey 🙂 It was her favorite, she goes everywhere with it. Jolly & Mira traveled all around the world with us. Unfortunately, we lost it during our journey from Chicago to Turkey. She desperately asks for it and we are desperately looking for a new one. Could you advise where we can find a grey jolly?

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