Jolly Wolf Hugo Tasse XXL & Jolly Mah Rosa Tasse XXL

Finally I get my XXL Mug Cup :P, well I am not going to use it anyway.. I just bought it for collection. Each of them cost RM 54.90, kind of expansive 😦 for a mug

Jolly Mah Rosa Big Mug

a sweet Jolly Mah Rosa smile in the morning

Around the cup there is a series of Jolly Mah dancing picture 🙂

Jolly Wolf Hugo Big Mug

I am not sure what does it written there, but my guess is “Jolly Sweet Drink” ?

Ow.. they looks like cute couple there >_<

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  1. Raquel says:

    Ha! Nice pair of mugs! I have a red mug, but I DO use it for breakfast! (breakfast with sheeps, :P)

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