Jolly Wolf Hugo

Buu~!! Jolly Wolf Hugo is here :D, I find out that Jolly Wolf Hugo seem like fatter than Jolly Wolf (White)

Jolly Wolf Hugo wish you all can support Original NICI products :3

on Monday evening, I received a call from Ms Wong (From Designer Greeting) says that Jolly Wolf Hugo is here. (well my policy is which NICI retail shop contacted me first, I will be their customer.)

Those cups and super sized mug looks very beautiful and cute. I am targeting that 2 big mug, if my financial status allow I will go grab both of them :D. It cost around RM 54.90 each, well it is kind of expansive but for keeping as collection is not a bad choice 🙂

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  1. Raquel says:

    At last you got it! It’s gorgeous! Congratulations; I hope you will enjoy your breakfast with your super-size mug 🙂

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