Fake NICI Product Part II

Last few day ago I am surfing eBay for anybody selling NICI products.. I come across with this sell page, the title is “75cm Nici Jolly MähSchaf “Jolly Rosa” mit Blume“.

As NICI plush collector we should know few thing in mind,

1. Know your plush size range. Normally NICI plush come out with size like 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm. Sometime they will have other range of sizes.

2. Check on Jolly mah “mouth line” and “hand / finger line”

For the example link above (refer address: click here)

70cm Jolly Mah Rosa for sales as stated on the title, as i recall I never see over 50 cm of Jolly Mah Rosa before. Even in the Nici online catalog shop they didn’t show they have 70cm Jolly Mah Rosa.

From the picture, item possible from China, click on the image to see the explanation.

Another proof that item mostly from China

Well~, what you know? Seller stated from Canada, but item suspected in China. I can see few benefit that this seller looking into.
1. Earn extra money from posting cost, they target Asian buyer and force them to come out with higher postage cost (logically to be send from Canada to my country example). But eventually they can send the item from China instance from Canada. So imagine cost of sending item from Canada is GB22.75 compare to sending item from China to Asian country (believe to be cheaper). Hope you all see the difference here.
2. Giving people Fake impression of Original Product from Nici.
There will be a part III in next few days 🙂

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  1. Raquel says:

    Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

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