Funny n Stupid Car Advertisement

I think you guys should know what is ABS and EBD stand for right? Please refer to below link if anyone not really know what it does it mean. 

ABS – read more…
EBDread more…

Well few days back, I found this car advertisement on Chinese newspaper. When I glance thru the advertisement, I found something is not right. Then I look carefully with the explanation diagram below I found out that a car with ABS + EBD will slip out from the track when it drive thru water, snow or any terrain. And the car without ABS + EBD stay on track…

This is not photoshoped, see below for the bigger picture of it 😛

Well, now u know what car you should not buy 😀 

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  1. kennhyn says:

    oh no, this is really bad, lucky i’m not the designer that do it, sure will kena very badly from the boss!

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