Fake, Non-Genuine NICI Products

Pass few months ago, I went to Melacca (Melaka) with my girl friend for 1 day trip. I found out that there is 1 shop located at Pakalawan Mall selling non-genuine NICI Products. 

Initially I thought the price of the plush will be cheaper compare to Original NICI plush, when I check out the price I found out that their price just slightly cheaper than Original NICI plush. It is like 30%-40% off the Original price.
Next thing i found out from the non-geniune products is, their quality is not there. as you can see from the photo, there are some Jolly Mah face went wrong, some long, some too width, even some wrongly manufactured. The best amang there is Jolly Wolf, but sadly the material is bad and they going to sell it at price RM 49.90. 
When I am taking the picture of those photo, they sales person ask what am I doing. I just tell her that I am NICI plush collector, I just took the photo for my own references. Well she is trying to stop me from taking further more picture, so I just walk away after I done few shot of those picture.

Lastly, I do hope that we should support Original Product. No matter is NICI Plush, IT Software, and so on..  well provided that they giving reasonable price 🙂

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