Jolly Wolf, Jolly Wolf, Jolly Wolf

Finally!! Jolly Wolf arrived at Malaysia…. 😀
9 Jan 2009 (Friday), I having meeting with my boss at Mid Valley Mega Mall. After I done with the meeting, I drop by Designer Greeting outlet shop to see is there any new NICI product.

Before reaching the shop, I saw there are some changes of the decoration outside shop. Currently the new NICI Product is Monkey in Love, I don’t really like the design of the monkey. The color is too dark and it looks funny.. well compare to Candy Love series, the quality is much better. Well the putting few monkey around and try to promote it.
After I entering the shop, I suddenly found something special caught my eye… then I take a clear look, oh my.. oh my.. Is Jolly Wolf!!
There is only 2 x 35cm Jolly Wolf available in that shop, each of them cost RM 79.90. I quickly took both of them and place at the casher counter. After that I found there is 3 more 10-15cm Jolly Wolf sellingat price RM 29.90…
Well, this month will be Chinese New Year. I have to save some money to buy new year stuff back to hometown. So I need to be careful with my spending now..
I am still waiting for the Jolly Wolf Hugo 😀


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