Why is it so hard to find a NICI Shop around me?

Since One-Utama NICI Outlet close down due to building renovation, I been searching around for NICI products for 2,3 months and yet I can’t find a single satisfy shop..!! Let me summarize where and what I find pass few months…

Place selling NICI products
– Designer Greeting Located at Mid Valley Mega Mall (there is some stock there, but kind of limited and mostly older release products)
– Designer Greeting Located at One-Utama (Limited Stock of NICI Product, since their mainly focus on Precious Thots Products)
– Metro Jaya located at The Curve (Flood with old release NICI stocks last trip I went still is Jolly Sven season)
– Metro Jata Mid-Valley (to be confirm, but didn’t put much hope there)
– Parkson – Pavilion (Limited Stock on NICI Product)
– Parkson – One-Utama (Limited Stock on NICI Product)
– Parkson – Garden (0 Stock, didn’t manage to find any NICI Product)
– NICI One Utama (0 Stock, close down since end of March until today….)

So, it is kind of hard for me to get NICI product in Malaysia.. even in the capital city of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Early this year I giving a hope I might travel and work in Germany, but today that hope is gone :(, the introducer say they company prefer to find local solution at first.. So sad that I did not manage to visit NICI HQ..

If the NICI reseller in Malaysia can’t do anything about, I have no choice to go to Singapore this JUNE to start hunting for NICI products.. 😦


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  1. TG-tiger says:

    Don’t be sad…fly to SG or Indonesia….you’ll find up to date collection of nici. 🙂

    1. SSaturn says:

      🙂 thanks, this coming June I will travel to Singapore to look for NICI products, do you have any recommenced shop?

  2. nicimania says:

    I’m going up to KL in June, i’ll be so lost if the 1U shop is still not opened ><
    SG is not really ideal, latest products come in slow. Last i went, the horse club had only just arrived after panda, no pirates, no summer and no discount haha. Other than the 6 CNS stores, i found some at NBC stationery shop which i just posted about. Jakarta on the other hand has the latest stocks and tons of stuff, I wanna try going there and do nici shopping hopefully this year 🙂

  3. monsterloi says:

    Parkson KLCC got alot… but all similar to other outlet.

    1. SSaturn says:

      KLCC some time selling old stock >_< not up to date like what German have 😦

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