Raquel Cologne (Germany) Trips

Raquel, I can say she is our best NICI Fans supporter in this blog. Last week she went to Colgne (Germany) for a Medical Congress about AIDS. She is desperately looking for NICI Store in Germany (since NICI origin from Germany :D), and guess what? She found it!

That day she become Shopaholic :D. She made a shopaholic confession to me, she bought NICI Snow Cats, and a new Jolly Mah Minily (New).. She call it, Baby Jolly Mah 🙂

p/s: And another thing to annouce :), Raquel Finally have her own new Jolly Mah Blog – http://mispeluchesnici.blogspot.com/


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  1. Raquel says:

    Wow!!!! Thank you very much for your comments about me :)) It makes me feel very happy :)))I hope all of you like my humble blog, I'm just starting it.Kisses a lot

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