Christmas Jolly Mah, Christmas Carols (Movie)

Christmas is around the corner. I’ve been invited by my girl friend for a movie call Christmas Carols (3D version). She got it from Nuffnang Premiere Screening competition, 🙂 see how lucky she is… Oh ya, the Movie Screening location is at The Curve, Cineleisure Damansara.

Since the Movie start at 9:30pm, and the movie tickets collection will start at 8:30pm.. and since we are kind of hungry, so we go over to IKANO Power Centre (IKEA Dining Area) to have our dinner :).

5 Chicken Wing! RM 9.00

10 Meat Ball! RM 9.90

Broccoli? er… RM 4.50?

I just love to take photo for the foods lately… specially on the close up (micro shooting). 1 good thing about DSLR camera, nice lens = nice picture 🙂

Here we are! Jolly Mah claims 2 tickets for Christmas Carols 😀 (Special thanks to Cuddly Kingdom for the Jolly Mah Xmas Edition).

Don’t chew the tickets Jolly! We need that to get into cinema!”

A nice post of the tickets and Jolly Mah.

Here come the Gorilla!! What is he trying to do!!

Jolly Mah seem scare of Gorilla now.. :D.

Oh.. show time! :), I am not gonna be a movie spoiler here. My girl friend will be, check out her blog for more movie review 😀 (Link here)


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  1. Raquel says:

    Very cute :))Kisses

  2. Raquel says:

    By the way, I have just created a new blog :)) hope you will like itKisses

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