NICI – Jolly Mah Xmas Edition Part I

We Still have 2 months and 15 days to go for this year Xmas, *Jing *Jing *Jing

Thanks to Cuddly Kingdom for this beloved gift :), I believe this is the limited edition Xmas edition Jolly Mah. Cuddly Kingdom have yet to tell me more about this Jolly Mah, so I can’t briefly introduce you this Jolly Mah. 🙂 Hope to hear from Richard soon.

I take this photo in-door with just standard lighting (sun light from the windows).
f / 3.5, 1/30 Sec, ISO 400.

Tomorrow morning I will try the morning sun outdoor photo shooting. Hopefully can all the nice photos with you all.

If anyone of you love to have higher resolution of the photo below, please don’t hesistage to ask for it from comment there. 🙂 I will send the photo to your personal e-mail.


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