NICI Gorilla Milo

NICI Gorilla Milo are available now on CuddlyKingdom, Click the image below or by this link.

Huh? What is this? Well no need to guess, this is Gorilla plush fur :). Take a look in details, NICI really impress me with their quality this time. (Thanks to Richard and Venessa)

Eh? what strange tag I have here? A NICI Quality Check Tag? It seem NICI Euro really done a good job in assuring their plush quality. This is my first time to see NICI quality checking tag, I don’t see those in ASIA yet.

Let me pass the attention on the Gorilla now :).
* “Ahem..~ Hi all, my name is Milo, and I born as a Gorilla :D. Thank to Cuddly Kingdom, today I found my owner and I am happily staying with him (Me: Yeah, hope Milo really like to stay at my crampy rack).”

I just love you take a close-up shot on his fur, It looks really beautiful to me..

This is NICI Gorilla Milo, this is the second soft toy I fall in love with it. (First is Jolly Mah fore sure, I wont forget you all :3).

The thing I love about this Gorilla Milo,

1. The fur is smooth and soft (perfect for hugging)
2. The design of the palm and leg are in very good shape and it is much better quality than Monkey InLove series.
3. The Eye, It looks so innocent. Oh my.. It is like calling you to “Hug me please!!”

4. Lots of nice camera posting the can post.. He love photo shooting 😀

Lastly, all people are fall in love in Gorilla, including my aunt, my lady princess and Me of course 🙂

On sales Updates:

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