Before and After of Sarawak Trip

Ok, let assume this is me before going to Borneo (Sarawak) fit in size. 😀

In the 21 days of business trip I have good food + good sleep + good enjoyment, I end up become like this below…. Haha.. gain some few KG from the trip, I wonder where those flesh goes? =_=

Well ya, this Jolly Mah Rosa is actually a none-genuine NICI product. I brought it from a gift shop near Boulevard Mall, Kuching. Cost only RM 16.90.

Here I give some mug-shot for you all to compare the different between Original Jolly Mah VS Non-Genuine Jolly Mah Rosa. Well sometime Rosa do looks cute in fat.. 😀
p/s: I really need to get rid of few KG now, 5 days a week in gym now… >_<

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  1. Shirleen says:

    it's an addition of 6kgs!.. hahah.. and for all those who think sarawak is sangkala and ulu.. at least u grow fat from the food here.. 😛 so long as u know where to go.. HAHA..

  2. Shirleen says:

    PS.. ppl know borneo.. but they don't know where Malaysia is.. HAHA!

  3. Raquel says:

    Oooops!! Here in Spain it's very easy to put some KG on too ;)). Good wine, good paella, good "jamón serrano" (spanish ham), good cheese…I think I understand you very well ;)By the way, the Fake Jolly Rosa is very nice too 🙂

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