Jolly Mah goes Mulu’s Caves, Part I

Sarawak, Kuching. A town that full of cat figure like below :). I am here for 2 reason, 1 business trip, 2nd Holiday (well I am still receive alot of phone call everyday from morning until night time, aiks…)

Today we going to fly to Mulu to see the Mulu’s Caves. It take around 30 minutes flight from Miri to Mulu. :3 Jolly Mah can’t stand the heat inside the bag >_<, climbing out to get some fresh air.

First time Jolly Mah took photo with Blog owner :3 (kind of shy anyway >_<)

:3 on board now, lucky that got a window view that can see the jungle view on top of the plane. (Jolly Mah seem very happy about it :D)

Arrived at Mulu, that is the airplane we took from Miri to Mulu (first time using MAS Wings 🙂 )

Hope you all enjoy the pictures first 🙂

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  1. Raquel says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos ;)I like the one with you on sunglasses and Jolly Mah very shy over your shoulder :)))I hope the return home won't be so hard :(KissesRaquel

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