Raquel – Pink Jolly Mah Collection

Today we going to see Raquel fine collection of NICI Plush 😛

I see NICI Edward Horse, which Malaysia Nici didn’t import it 😦

Big Family 😀

Below are the latest collection from Raquel, presenting the Pink Jolly Mah :3

Pink JM: Can you take me to the death star?
SW Tropper: =_=”, … well, our death star been blow up some rebels.
Pink JM: o_0

well this is cute,
Pink JM: buu~! surprise..

my favorite Jolly Wolf and Jolly Wolf Hugu…. sadly, here we don’t have Jolly Wolf Hugo, and Jolly Mah LiSelle yet. Even Singapore CNS already have the stock on 1st April.

Kind of disappointed that over Malaysia always late other people for 3 months and above..

Well, next topic I am going to show is how to differentiate Original & Fake NICI Plush 🙂 (Thanks Peter)

Thanks for your all comments, keep them coming please 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Thank you very very very much for your super-cute post!!! That’s very kind of you!!!Kisses a lot from Spain 🙂

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