Jolly Mah The Blue

As promised last few days, I post up the Jolly Mah Blue I brought from eBay last month. I just received the item on 2 Apirl, and they just pack in the bag shown at below. It cost GB 3.40 + GB 7.00 (Posting).

This is how he looks 🙂 Colour wise, I still prefer the pink colours one.. 

Well I don’t understand what is in the tag, but I can guess is their NICI contact office near Israel. This is something new to me, never seen this tag before..

Now Jolly Mah white (20cm) has a new friend Jolly Mah blue (20cm) 😀

The Jolly Mah (20cm) is my first Jolly Mah + my birthday present (2003). My friend got it from 1 of the Melaka Mall (Mahkota Perade). 


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  1. Raquel says:

    Wow, what a beautiful blue Jolly Mah!! Congratulations, you are going to have a gorgeous collection! Kisses

  2. Raquel says:

    By the way, I have my Pink Jolly Mah lying, as yours!! It’s adorable!Kisses

  3. SSaturn says:

    ha 😀 Congratulation, send some pictures over then I post it up :). Pink Jolly Mah really adorable..

  4. oh this is the first time i see a jolly mah. wow what a unique hobby u got here. really enjoy viewing your pics.. hmmm by the way, im a blythe dolls collector. really crazy bout her. =) nice knowing you ! =D

  5. Peter says:

    It’s nice to know that there are NICI fans there? I’m the US and there are no NICI products. How popular is NICI in Asia? You mentioned that there a lot of fake NICI stuff out there. How good are the fakes? Are you able to tell the difference?

  6. Raquel says:

    Well, Peter, it’s a pity that you can not buy NICIs in the US. But you can buy them on the Internet. There are a lot of sites that sell them. And also in Ebay. But be careful with fakes, they usually come from Hong Kong.Good luck!

  7. bookiebear says:

    Hello,I love reading about your jolly mah collection! i also live in the us and have alot of nici plush. I have purchased them on ebay and different internet sites but would love to know where to get a blue one. Do you know where to get any. I have a pink one and i love her. I have a grey laying 30cm one and i think he is my fave.Thanks!

  8. Can you tell me the articlenumber of this sitting blue NICI of yours? The article number of my blue lying one is nowhere to be found on internet, it is 96264, but that does not seem correct, or does it? The newer sheep have articlenumbers that begin with 32 or so.

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