Brownie Jolly Mah

I can’t recall what is this sizes of Jolly Mah. 60cm? or 50cm? But any how, today going to introduce this brownie Jolly Mah, or I think call it Teh Peng better?

The only post which is allow him to sit still is.. like this. Haha.. no way that he can stand up with that 2 soft leg. He is another lazy Jolly Mah. No wonder he so fat.

This one, I get it from S&J. It is kind of cheap, only cost me RM 99.90. For the original price for this size of Jolly Mah should be RM 299.90. The lucky part is I only able to get 1, the unlucky part is… factory no more stock for this size

I think the face part kind of big & heavy, always every time falling down coz of his face heavier than his body. Em.. look kind of cute at this view.

p/s: sorry for the.. messy background.. Is a guy room 🙂


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  1. Jocelynlai says:

    hi ssaturn, how r u getting on??happy chinese new year..hope u have a very good beginning of this year….cheers~

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