Lazy Jolly Mah

Lazy day, for a lazy Jolly Mah. This is the laying post design of Jolly Mah, I feel that this is cuter than the rest of the design. I get it from HallMark, Damn.. I wonder why Hallmark don’t like to give discounts. I am wonder as well, how Hallmark actually survire by selling expansive gift. They open their shop at prime area such as 1U and Midvalley.

Ah.. seem like I forget to introduce Fair Jolly Mah elder brother. 🙂 Here he is…


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  1. -mEi YeE- says:

    people famous with selling all kinds of expensive things ma…i cant imagine ur room, full of this kind of dolls… keke…. geng!

  2. wa .. all about nici products…they r cute~~~but john..y u like nici so much? @@

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