Happy Birthday Jolly Mah 25 Anniversary Finally Here!!


on 29 July 2011, around 2:30pm Jolly Sheebo finally receive his 25th anniversary Jolly Birthday. Can’t wait to open it up, and see the treasure inside..

Jolly Birthday is nicely packed inside gift box (great job from Nici.de)

Jolly Sheebo is hugging one of the Jolly Birthday, he choose to open this one (hope to get his lucky number)..
The first number Jolly Sheebo review is.. 2167, and the next box is 2165. (2165 is pick up by another NICI lover on Sunday). I am going to show few of the detail shot of Jolly Birthday…

2167 My Jolly Birthday Number…. it is almost til the end of 2500. I believe there won’t be much in the market right now, so people make your move right now 🙂

The Swarovski crystal is kind of small and it just nicely fit into it.. just hope that it won’t drop out any time soon.

Overall, I give two thumbs up for the quality of this series. Everything looks prefect except for the (golden) box, hope they can give something much more solid.. 🙂




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  1. Bea says:

    Is so beatiful! Congratulations for your Jollys!!! ^_^

  2. Welcome beautiful Jollies! Our Sissi sends hearty greetings to you. How wonderful that you have a loving home now 🙂

  3. PS says:

    owh!! it’s so cute!!! how much does it cost? including postage of course in RM.. cz i’ve nvr actually bought anything online.. ><" n how did u get it delivered.. i went n check from the website.. it doesnt have malaysia on it.. =(

    1. SSaturn says:


      I just back from Taiwan trip.. let me explain to you how the charges work 🙂

      Purchase item + (Euro 60 Postage) = Amount you need to pay.

      The postage rate is flat rate, no matter how much item you purchase.. You need to put Malaysia in the address and contact their e-commerce team to amend your postage address.

      1. PS says:

        thanks a lot ^^

  4. Kirstie says:

    Heya ^^ Glad to see up-close pictures 😀 I just ordered it with Mum (from cuddlykingdom + some more things for her birthday ❤ ), she'll be wonderful in our big collection of them 😀 And I'm 25 too, which also is pretty cool (born the same year as they came out)! ^^

    Oh and what do the back of the collection boxes look like? 🙂

  5. Hey SSaturn, you made a nice story with these BirthMähs again, thanks for sharing. The close ups are also nice! It gives a special edge to the Jolly’s. My sheebo did the unrapping of the package last time as well, it’s such a helpful sheep. I think you have the 50 cm version, judging by his cap? I recently visited nici.de and saw that they still sell the birthday jolly’s. I almost got in the mood of buying myself a second one haha.

  6. Tuva says:

    Are there any fake Happy Birthday Jollys?

    1. SSaturn says:

      So far, haven’t seen 1 yet.. Every each 25 Anniversary Jolly Mah come with a serial number.. Any above 2500 consider doubtable..

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