I Ordered Jolly Mah 25th Anniversary


Yesterday (19 July 2011), special thanks to online NICI.de team I manage to order 2 of the Happy Birthday Jolly Mah 25th Anniversary.

The only thing I need to do now is wait for it.. may be another 7 days – 14 days for it to arrive at my door step 🙂

I promise to do the full review on it when I receive it. 🙂 Stay tune…


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  1. Raquel says:

    Yayyyy!!!! We hope they will arrive safe and soon to your home 🙂

  2. We already got ours too. And she was very pretty. I guess the quality is a bit different from the normal plush. So, I hope yours will be as gorgeous as you expected. ^^

  3. cherlene says:

    i would like to ask if order fr nici.de, the shipping cost is same as the product price. do you have any suggestions to reduce the shipping cost?

    1. SSaturn says:

      From what I understanding.. Euro 60 is a flat rate, so you can order as many as you want as long as in 1 shipment…

      For my case, I order 1 25th Anniversary Jolly Mah they will charge me 60euro for shipment, and If I order 2 of them I still get charge 60 euro..

      1. cherlene says:

        understood, thanks…hope i can get this birthday baby \(^o^)/~

  4. @ SSaturn: where do you order? In Germany? Is the shipping from Germany to Maleisia 60 euro?
    Hope your Birthmähs have arrived by now.. Keep us posted about their foot numbers and how they look!

    1. SSaturn says:

      I order from nici.de official online shop, the postage from Germany to Malaysia is Euro 60 and I think it is flat rate, so for bulk order is much worth it then just purchase individual items.. 🙂 hopefully this few day I will get them >_< let me call DHL and confirm about this

  5. @ SSaturn: I’ve been waiting for a shipment from Portugal also for quite some time now. Switzerland same story.. Takes a long time. I can drive it ten times faster by car myself haha. You always pay 60 euro for an order, regardless of the package weight and size? That’s a good deal, especially if you can afford to buy more sheep at once, saves you a lot of shipping costs!

  6. SSaturn says:

    @Potamotrygorgeous Mäh: You stay in Euro country right? You should drive to Germany to buy directly from their HQ or outlets.. Haha. I wish in future I can visit the NICI HQ (Let me add this into my wish list 😛 and my dream list).

    That is from my understanding of their postage charges… Over here we don’t have much choice of NICI products.. It is very limited and lots of non-genuine NICI product from China flooding the market :(. NICI (Asia HQ) don’t really import much of product that we demand for, they only get what they think is good for sales, but not at collection point of view.

  7. Andreia says:

    Nice blog. Congrats for the new address. I’m not a Nici avid shopper (yet), since it’s hard to get products in Brazil. Keep doing a good job!

  8. @ SSaturn, sorry, I haven’t seen your reply until now. Yes I live in Europe. I usually don’t have problems buying NICI, it was only the Jolly Liselle that gave some problems and I had to get them from Portugal and Switserland, but it makes my flock the more special, because the sheep have a story attached to them. I don’t consider it a problem. I usually order from Germany, at NICI’s. I am planning to visit one of their stores in the near future. But for that, I have to arrange some wheels, for I do not own a car..

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