NICI Zebra Bukit Tinggi (Meeting) Trip

I know it been a long while I haven’t update the blog, lots of Jolly Mah follower keep mailing asking why there is no update lately? So today, let Zebra (I kind of forget what her real name.. Zara? I shall call her Zara) explain why there is slow on blog update 🙂

So here goes the story, Zara: “My owner is always busy on his jobs, he work very hard everyday to get himself his dream car (and it is first car he buy it himself), and get his own living place to stay as well..”

Zara continue: “Some time he really forget about us, we all sitting and waiting in the dark room everyday waiting for him..” express with sad expression.. “But suddenly one day, he brings me up to Bukit Tinggi for a meeting. I felt so excited over it, finally I am out from the dark room and go to some place having fresh air and sunshine..”

Zara: “This is my owner, busy on the phone”

The meeting take place at Bukit Tinggi Berjaya Resort, Zara: “We receive a warm welcome by the Berjaya Group top manager, and we been invite for a tea session”.

My owner is the member of the Mazda Club Malaysia, he joining this trip is to help organize a convoy up to Bukit Tinggi BerJaya Resort. He in-charge in design a game activities for those who join the convoy.

Zara : “Basically, on 19 Feb 2011 there will be a Mazda Cars Owner Convoy up to Berjaya Bukit Tinggi Resort. This trip he goes up there to survey what kind of facilities the resort has, so he can plan for the games activities. So far I can see, he seem quite happy with the facilities around provided that the top management is ready help out.”

After the morning tea session, we been bring around and explore the resort.

For in door facilities, there is bowling center and archery station. It is good enough for some game point activities.

Outdoor we visited Rabbit Park. I found out those rabbits are very friendly, they will come to automatically and sniff for food.

Zara : “We actually skip the organic garden, and reach the top hill. I saw all of them so excited about this place. By taking a wild guess, I guess this is paint-ball camp and I get it right”

This is not and ordinary paint-ball camp, this is a recreation paint-ball camp (jungle scene). This will be a fun trip whoever stay over night at resort. (I plan to have game at the next day after breakfast).

Zara : “I found this beautiful wild orchid, I take a snap over it. Beautiful isn’t it?”

Not forget about Colmar Tropicale, this is one of the tourist attraction in Bukit Tinggi.. honestly there is nothing much you can find here, so please enjoy the scene and the feel of you at the euro street..

You will find this 2 white swan outside Colmar building.. There is 2 more black swan  I didn’t manage to took the photo of it.

Zara : “The next station will be Japanese Village, I love this place compare to Colmar”

Zara : “Do you understand now why I say I love this place more than Colmar? 🙂 ”

There will be more photos coming soon on the actual day (19 Feb 2011, Mazda Club Convoy). Hope you all can wait for it… and before that, I am sure I will update the blog frequently as well.

p/s: I didn’t forget about what I promise to everybody (specially Nil), I am trying my best to squeeze my time to do what I promise.. 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. HugoWolf says:

    Great photos! Nice to see your new post =)
    We also love the Japanese Village more..eagerly waiting for your post on bathing your Jolly Mah! ^_^

    Hugo at NICI-mania

  2. Bea says:

    it’s so cute zebra (Zara). I loved the whole story and the photos are beautiful.

    Kisses ^_^

  3. Shirleen says:

    You stole Zebra from me while I played with the rabbits.. 😦

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