Jolly Bob – Handsome Jamaican

“yuh good?” 😀 “I all the way from Jamaica to greet you all!”

Finally I manage to get a “good looking” Jamaican Jolly Bob from Designer Greeting in Mid Valley. For the pass 2 weeks, I am survey around NICI gift shop hope to find a handsome one. But sadly not much of the shop selling Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely.In the end I went back to Designer Greeting and get it.

Well sadly to say, this batch of Jolly Bob quality are much better than Jolly Lovely. Refer to the last few post NICI – Jolly Lovely Bad QC.
For all the collectors out there, please check the..
1. Hand Line
2. Mouth Line
3. The part between Leg and Body, make sure it doesn’t come off.
4. The Jamaican Hat, make sure the hat not torn (else the bean inside will come out)
5. 😀 Nice to Hug

“Love my Jamaican Hat don’t ya?”

Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely currently available at Cuddly Kingdom (NICI)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Jolly Bob is so cute, I love him. Very nice photos :))Kisses

  2. Shirleen says:

    I feel like peeling off his hair.. 😀

  3. He sure has a mind of his own..
    Do you think he’s good companionship voor Jolly Lovely?

    1. SSaturn says:

      Yes, I think Jolly Lovely is his good companion. But I am still not manage to find Jolly Lovely for him.. he is lonely right now.. 😦

      1. Can you not find Lovely online? There are many websites that I know of that still sell her..
        Sad to read that your sheep feels lonely 😦

      2. SSaturn says:

        Well there is lots of lovely around online, but… I will prefer have them in front of me and let me choose.. because I worry about the workmanship >_<

  4. How is it going with the hunt for Lovely? Have you visited a shop recently? Maybe Bob likes Lucy Mah as well 😉

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