Jolly Sheep Receive Her Parcel :)

Today, 11 am I receive an email from Jolly Sheep claim that she received the parcel :).. I am glad that the parcel didn’t get lost, and delivered on-time.

She wrote:

They’ve just arrived! 🙂
Haha and I let 15cm Jack Husky meet 15cm Timothy the Hamster…oh boy, he was really stuffed and chubby 🙂

I’m on cloud nine now 🙂 Thanks!”

It is happy to hear that from you.. 🙂

JollySheep: “Everyone queue up nicely, I am going to snap a photo…”

Everybody: “Ok~ :)”

Special delivery service box (extra effort from me :P)

Ow, well sorry for I can’t find 15 CM Jill for Jack, so.. at the moment let the Hamster be Jack partner… lol 😀


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Very nice :))

  2. monsterloi says:

    there is a lot of jack and jill in metro jaya the curve, but i donno is there any 15cm one.

  3. SSaturn says:

    Oh ya.. Metro Jaya The Curve do have a lot of NICI Plush too, I remember I post it up before.. 🙂

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