Jolly Mah Orange & Snow Cat Sarawak Christmas Trip Part I

this trip I am bring Jolly Mah Orange to Sarawak for my working trip :). He is holding the air ticket happily 😀 (Jolly Mah and Snow Cat need not to have air tickets to go on board the aircraft).

This is the first flight for Jolly Sheebo (We should call his official name Jolly Sheebo :D)

Snow Cat in action 🙂 (I only manage to get Make Snow Cat before I leave KL to Sarawak)

This is the Christmas tree Jolly Sheebo helps to decorate for coming Christmas, look nice isn’t it?
Jolly Sheebo in decorating the Christmas tree, (Work in Progress)

Jolly Sheebo: “Ta da~! Papa.. help me take a photo :3
Papa: “hold on, Snap snap” – It took almost 6 photos to get the best lighting effect 🙂
Coming soon, Jolly Sheebo tour in sarawak….

One Comment Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Jolly Sheebo likes Christmas, hahaha!!Nice photos :)Kisses

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