Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely – New in Jan 2010

This is the Reggae enthusiast Jolly Bob and the gentle and light-hearted flower girl Jolly Lovelyy, coming soon in 2010 January :). official announced it will be available on January 2010.

Full Press Information

Altenkunstadt, 8th December 2009. Love, peace and happiness – under this motto new friendships are formed. With Reggae enthusiast Jolly Bob and the gentle and light-hearted flower girl Jolly Lovely, the NICI GmbH is giving fresh impetus to the Jolly Mäh family.

All fans may eagerly await them. As early as the beginning of January 2010, the two charismatic new members of the sheep community with cult status will delight their friends with an extensive product range and will be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, the internet, department stores as well as the 35 NICI shops.

On the way home from their holiday at the sunny Côte d`Azur, the Jolly Mäh sheep make the acquaintance of Jolly Bob, a cool hitchhiker with funny dreads and a typically Jamaican cap. His tanned cuddly fur leaves no doubt that he is a real Jamaican. He is on his way to Jolly Lovely, the cute flower girl he met at a music festival. Jolly Lovely is truely pretty and wears a bright flower necklace over her cream-coloured fleece.
Both sheep are available in six different sizes – from 15 cm to 120 cm – as dangling plush. As BeanBags with a keyring or very “attached“ as MagNICIs, Jolly Bob and his girlfriend Jolly Lovely will accompany their fans everywhere.

The name is the programme!

The product line around Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely will delight old and new, large and small fans of these woolly companions with fun writing utensils, cuddly plush characters as well as lovingly detailed accessories. Apart from fluffy cushions, the assortment also includes stylish shoulder bags, convenient purses and mobile phone pouches as well as spacious pencil cases, mugs, pens, “My Friends“ books, writing paper and notebooks. The new characterised Jolly Mäh collection offers everything trend-conscious fans may desire. All products are made in proven NICI quality and win over due to the unique design of the brand manufacturer from Altenkunstadt.

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CuddlyKingdom – Coming Soon
Special thanks to Nils 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    OMG!!!! I can't wait for them :))Two new sheeps, yahooooooo!!!!Thank you and kisses

  2. Mähnager says:

    woooaaaah a reggae ragga riddim sheep! This will be soon all mine !!

  3. Apple says:

    i got the jolly bob and lovely already! Dont know why the jolly bob keep losing his hair, I think the quality not as good as before. But the jolly bob is really really cute. He is from Jamaica! haha

  4. viggy says:

    me i never heard of jolly bob until i bought the reggae lovin sheep gor me gal. dat sheep is lookin like i so much so dat me gal now hugs de sheep more den i in bed… but its all love

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