NICI Big El Lion and TG Tiger

Finally, NICI Big EL Lion and TG Tiger is in Malaysia. For international buyers you all can purchase from You just have to click on the link then it will bring you to product page :). Don’t forget they gave discount as well 🙂

Current One Utama NICI, only left 2 50cm TG Tiger and 1 50 cm EL Lion. For the rest like 25cm and 35cm there some stock there..

El: “Oh.. please please buy me~!, please!
John: “Yeah, I promise I will buy you when I get my payment from my boss
El: “Oh.. thanks.., I been stuck inside this shop for so long and there is no one seem to buying me…
John: “Yeah I know the reason why…
El: “Why??
John: “Firstly, you are consider high end expansive soft toy.. Ha, for a 50CM you cost RM 139.90 (USD 41). Second, there are not much NICI Fans around in Malaysia.. I can count out how many of them within my 10 fingers (any Malaysia NICI fans out here? Shout out please!)
El: “😥
John: “Don’t cry, I will bring you home 🙂 as I promise.
El: “😥 😥 No body seem want me...”
John: “Be happy El, you will be home with me with TG I promise :). At least your best friend will not be left alone in the shop
El: “…………”

EL Lion and TG Tiger Card Holder Clips. This time they don’t come with boxes. That is what you will get when you purchase them.. No boxes like old days. That is how sad it is, I wonder how am I going to keep them 😦

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirleen says:

    you're getting them?? 😀 good news for me then.. wakakakakkaka…I'm stealing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 😀

  2. Raquel says:

    Ohhh, poor friends, you have to buy them, they are crying for you, hehehehe ;PI have my little El and TG at my home too, they are sooo cute…Kisses

  3. Hi there, i wanna buy a big el too.. for my girlfriend =)but rm100+ was higher than i much are the 25cm and 35cm ones?-thanks-

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