Jolly Mah Liselle + How to Choose one

Today, I am going to bring you to the place where I purchase NICI Jolly Mah. 🙂 What you see below is NICI Outlet in One Utama, Malaysia.

Surprise! Jolly Mah – The Pink joining us today :D. He make lots of new friends Today.

When I walk in, I saw Jolly Mah Liselle finally arrived in Malaysia. But sadly, there is limited stock for Jolly Mah Liselle. There is only 3 left for 35 CM, and 3 left for 50cm.. 35CM one cost RM 89.90 😦 expansive.. and 50cm one RM 139.90 cost even more.. >_<

Jolly Mah Pink joining Jolly Mah Liselle :D.. haha..

Oh ya, I am going to show you how to choose the good quality Jolly Mah Liselle :).

Step 1: Check on the Hand Line, this is a bad example of hand line sew.. It surpose to be 50/50 line. but what you see here is 35/65? 30/70 line…

Step 2: Check on the mouth line as well, this is an bad example for the mouth line. You can see the line are out of the mouth shape..

Conclude: Well, what I can say is this batch of Jolly Mah Liselle qualities are not as good as the previous Orange Pull Over Jolly Mah. Jolly Mah Rosa also facing the same poor quality as Jolly Mah Liselle 😦

Well, this is my pair of Jolly MAh Liselle 🙂

I love their feet with slipper on 🙂 slipper with flower

Jolly Mah Liselle is kind of pricy now, we just have to be more careful when buying 1. Check the quality of the sewing works first before purchase 🙂

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