How to choose a "Right" Jolly Wolf?

Today I am going to show you how to choose a right Jolly Wolf :), firstly I like to apologize that I didn’t update my blog for around a week due to my work load. 😦 A lots of projects in hand need to settle with.

Well, let get back to the topic. This is Nici Jolly Wolf, he is one of my favorite character in NICI series. It just give a sense of “Wild” but “Innocent”. :3

I start to get use to this presentation method. hahaha.. I creating a quality checklist for you all 🙂

Quality Checklist
1. Jolly Wolf come with this kind of material, look carefully 
2. Some little fur, it won’t same as no. 5
3. Don’t forget Jolly Wolf got 2 tiny teeth ^;..;^
4. Check the rob string
5. Material similar to genuine NICI Jolly Mah body part material
6. This just to remain you about the fur quality
7. This part is important, the hob sewing quality. Make sure the sewing are not out of the line.

1. The legs joining part of Jolly Wolf. We should really look into this, the sewing part between the legs and the body play an important part of the quality. I believe you won’t like your jolly wolf without legs, or you found a pair a legs but you don’t know who they belong to. Just make sure the sew job are well done.
2. This is another sewing part we should look at carefully. Lots of people complain the sewing part are loosen or even sewing line are break and all the cotton came out… then end up, we got a thin Jolly Wolf 😦

Ah.. Lastly, the tail potion 🙂 make sure it is nicely sew as well. I don’t want my Jolly Wolf lost his tail… hehe..
Hope this will help you all decide how to buy a Jolly Wolf 🙂

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  1. Raquel says:

    Very good post, congratulations! 🙂

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