NICI Rack Label

Last week before I went back to my home town, I go to NICI retail shop at One Utama to hunt for Jolly Wolf Hugo or any new arrival.

Well sadly I can’t find Easter Rabbit or Jolly Wolf Hugo yet.. I think I still have to wait another month.

I done some chit chat with the shop-keeper and ask can I have any of those NICI Label sticker or not (same as those they post on the rack one). Well guess what, I am so lucky that they have extra and willing to give away for me. 😀

NICI AG is trying hard to promote their products as German Brand, the reason I can guess of is because there is alot of people think NICI Product is from China. 
Why we think that NICI is from China? 
Reason 1: Label says Made in China 
Reason 2: China & Taiwan is flooeded with none-genuine NICI Products. 
Reason 3: I think NICI AG didn’t do well in advertising in ASIA-Pasific, I don’t even know what happen to NICI AG lately.

This (Jolly Mah) still is my favorite 😀

Have a nice day to you all 🙂


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  1. Raquel says:

    Well, I think that all Nici fans know that it is a German brand.By the way, if you want to buy Hugo Wolf, there is a link that sells online (I don’t know if they send plushes to Malaysia):

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