Postage From UK to Malaysia

well, let’s draw the time line for delivering a good from UK to Malaysia how long it will takes. 🙂

This is the notification note send by POS Malaysia for asking you goto Post Office to collect your package.
The date is stated 10 March which mean when they process this notification. Package collectable date is dated from 11 March to 26 March (2 weeks of time to collect the package, if you don’t collect the package they will send it back to sender)

This is what I collect from Post Office.

At here, we can clearly see that the package is sent out form UK on 2nd March.

The package released by Malaysia Kastam on 5 March, so it actually mean it might reach Malaysia before 5 march.

Well recall from when I receive my notification, it is dated 11 March. It took at least 6 days from Malaysia Kastam to POS Malaysia. I wonder why they have to take so long time to deliver to POS Malaysia.

This is UK Postage Box (Macfarlane Packageing) box measurement looks like

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